Various oversized trendy outfits to choose from

Wrap around cups, oversized shoulders, hand eating sleeves, extra wide legs in 2018, the volume is set for good. Inspired by the oversized chic look of fashionable labels that have been shaking up fashion for a few seasons Off White, Vetements, Koché our wardrobe is slowly overhauling its proportions. After years of close fitting cuts, coats, shirts, sweaters, jackets and trousers go to the enlarger.

A priori, wearing loose clothing that erases the body does not flatter the silhouette. The volume in vogue however promises a supplement of style without effort. It remains to know how to handle it to avoid the effect barrel and mean that it is indeed a duly chosen pace.


We do not change size

T-shirt, sweater or sweat soft clothing easily supports a natural fit. We can therefore go to the men’s department or choose the larger size. It is more difficult for structured pieces even oversized, coats, jackets, jackets and trousers must wrap without floating approximately. Oversized dressing does not mean going away in the blazer of his cousin rugby, nor buying his entire wardrobe a size above. Even if the seam of a shoulder is shifted in the middle of the arm, the fall of the coat must remain fair. Even if the sweater goes down under the hips as if it were too long, the case size is not disproportionate.

To know more about how to wear big shirts, you can always take the help of the internet. The size of 2018 knows how to juggle between relaxation and sophistication. We are almost at the theater. A draped dress stretches abandoned parachute way. A ruffled wrist dances on the fingertips. Cashmere pants close the bitumen.

We dare the total look

We sometimes want to wear strong pieces in style that make us happy as much as our values. Why not? Fashion is also a game. From time to time you can skip the most advantageous clothes for the figure. But we have the right to fear that oversize erases the body. If we are looking at total look up and down oversized we think to put the size in value by framing it generously with a wide bandeau. We keep his jacket open or we slide a small piece of sweater in his pants.  To know more about wearing long shirts, you can always take the help of the internet.

We manage the scale

It will limit the risk of crushing the silhouette by counterbalancing the volumes. We reserve the scale at the top or bottom of the body. In order to know how to make a big shirt look cute, you can always take the help of the internet.