Various aspects to keep in mind to make the booty look bigger

Loose pants will “go down” your curves, making them not possible to see under too much fabric. Jeans or joggings are ideal for showing off your buttocks. If you’re not comfortable with this, try boot cut or regular jeans with a fitted back.

Look at pocket placement. Small pockets at the back, high will make your butt appear larger. In addition, pockets with embellishments such as glitter, stitch or a colored thread can add more interest and “direct traffic” (or attract the eye) to your back. Keep away from big pockets jeans or no pockets at all.

Five tips to make the right choice

1   The rear extension of the jeans.

This barbaric word designates the space between the denim waistband and the V shaped seam above the pockets. The higher this seam is placed, the more the jeans will give the impression of firm and plump buttocks. There are various options available when you are looking for jeans that make your booty look bigger.

2   The height of the waist.

Flat buttocks, low sizes are preferred. Bouncy buttocks, we opt for high or normal sizes.

3   The pockets.

They must be perfectly proportionate with the rest of the silhouette, so their placement and size are crucial. A pocket too small will give the impression that we have huge buttocks. Same for the short ones, while the long ones make the buttocks flat (which works perfectly, on the other hand, for an androgynous look at the Cheap Monday). Same, the more the pockets will be discarded, the more the “beautiful buttocks” effect will be pronounced. For the buttocks a little strong, we can go to try jeans without back pockets. You can always check the various web sites to know more about how to make your but look bigger.

booty look bigger

4   The canvas.

The finer the denim, the less there is support and therefore of the curve. That’s why we do not exceed the 2% Lycra (or elastane) in the composition, otherwise the canvas relaxes and it folds.

5   The cut.

Beautiful buttocks, it is a question of visual effect and balance of the silhouette. So, if you are small, a cup flare will tend to pack. If we are round, we advise against the slim. In all cases, we favor the cuts that make the thigh the more it is adjusted more buttocks are highlighted.