Horse polo is a piece sportswear that has a great popularity

Aimed at both athletes and fashion fanatics, the piece embodies the perfect combination of a casual and chic look. Like any polo, it is timeless and suitable for all ages. Riders appreciate the comfort and robustness it provides while maintaining great convenience. The less athletic will find a perfect match between comfort and elegance. The riding polo combines in one piece the simplicity of the T shirt and the class of the shirt.

Riding, an inspiration of polo

If the polo clothing has its origins in tennis sports, its name comes from a whole other field. When it was created, the polo shirt was called “Lacoste Shirt”.

Lacoste Shirt

To know the origins of his name, one must go to India and go back in time in the 1800s. At that time, the country is still under English colonization. In their free time, the soldiers of the British army used to play horses by tapping a ball. This equestrian sport opposes two teams. Players will try to score points by driving a small ball with a long handled mallet. A point is scored when the ball is scored in the opposing goal. However, the sport is done on horseback and the risk of injury caused by possible falls should not be ruled out. For this, the players wore a particular dress.

It was a kind of shirt made from a thick fabric, with long sleeves and a large, button down collar to prevent it from struggling during gallops. If the outfit is designed this way, it is not a coincidence since it is made to offer protection to the wearer and thus limit injuries in the event of a fall. So, everything would mean that the name of the polo shirt is directly inspired by the Polo sport and makes riding a distant relative of the sport chic garment. There are various ways in which you can stop shorts from riding up.

The specificities of the men’s riding polo

The men’s riding polo is a model based on classic polo. It takes the basic concepts but adaptations have been made to better meet the requirement of riding. These peculiarities make it a unique piece and contribute to perpetuating the prestige of its sport.

This piece of clothing embodies the spirit of riding, namely, art, precision, freedom, sportiness and elegance. The men’s riding polo is based on the main characteristics of the classic polo shirt. However, it stands out on 3 essential points which are the material, the cut and the reasons. The piece is designed in thicker cotton that allows it to offer better protection against falls related injuries. This material is also more flexible for increased ease of movement. Regarding the cut, it is generally tight for better penetration into the air. The bottom of the room is also wider to allow the legs to spread easily. The men’s model is distinguished by wider shoulders typical of male morphology. Finally, if the proposed colors are wide, specific patterns will remind the membership of polo riding. You can always go through the fashion magazine to know how to keep shorts from riding up.