Curl Hair Cutting For A Thin Hair: Find Your Best Hairstyle

Whether you’re out of the bar or using a curling iron like a pro, your fine hair now has pretty curls. It will now take care to keep them as long as possible.

  • Avoid touching your hair

At the museum, at the bakery, at the zoo. Little your parents kept telling you this sentence: “touch only with your eyes”. If at the time curiosity always prevailed, today it is necessary to apply this expression to the letter. Do not put your hand in your hair, do not play with your tips and, more importantly, do not press your curls to check if they still hold. A simple mirror is enough to see it. Let your new quiet hairstyle increase its durability considerably. And you do not end up with flat hair at the end of the day.

Fine hair: trust hair curlers

You thought they were reserved for your grandmother. And yet, hair curlers are essential accessories if you want to keep beautiful ripples as long as possible and moreover the best way to make curl hairstyles for thin hair. Before going to bed, moisten your hair and apply a styling mousse that will draw and improve the spring of your curls. Then wrap your wicks on the accessories and keep them all night. Upon awakening, remove them gently, shape your hairstyle if necessary and spray fixing on all of your hair. Do not forget to slip this precious companion into your purse to make small alterations during the day.

  • Make braids

If you decide to ignore hair curlers, making braids before joining Morpheus is an effective technique to keep your curls intact. As with the previous tip, moisten your lengths and apply Foam Design. Then make your braids according to your preference (make thin hair curly, small for a very curly result). The next day, remove them and spray spray fixing on your hair.

  • Use a curling iron

Finally, to give volume to your fine hair every morning, use a curling iron. The ripple is already done, no need to dwell on your lashes. A quick passage on wet hair on which you have previously applied styling mousse or a looper definition is enough. As usual, complete the loop remodeling operation by spraying a cloud of spray on your hair.

make thin hair curly

  • Rolling hair using babyliss

The size of the babyliss will vary according to the type of curl you want: fine babyliss for more defined and closed curls; medium to medium waves; the thick just to leave a wavy effect. Before using the heat tool, remember to apply the thermal protector to the locks to avoid damage caused by high temperature. Starting at the nape of the neck, roll the wick around the babyliss and leave it for 20 seconds. After repeating the process all over the hair, apply the fixative spray and ruin.

Tip: After releasing the babyliss’s bunch, fasten it to the rollers, use clamps to hold and repeat the process all over the hair. After finishing all wicks, apply the spray fixative and loosen the wires, by this you can curl thin hair without damage.