Beware of the detachment of the natural nail

False nails are also to be avoided if you are under 16 years old the nails are not yet fully mature, and more generally, if your nails are already fragile or damaged because “the obligatory grinding will thin them and make them more fragile.” or if you suffer from nail disease (mycosis, psoriasis). Also avoid in caregivers who “may more easily transmit a bacterial infection to patients” through them.

The two main techniques of lying are that of the self hardening resin (technique called “carved nails”) and that of the gel hardening under UV. The withdrawal is a professional and is done either with a solvent such as acetone for the resin, or by filing for freezing.

Thus, scraping or tearing the artificial nail can lead to a detachment of the natural nail. And, in the same way, a too aggressive image weakens the nail that can take off. In order to alleviate acrylic nail pain, you must seek professional medical help.


Another risk when the artificial nail is placed beyond the limit of the natural nail or cuticles, a local inflammation, a fall of the natural nail, or even parenthesis at the end of the fingers (abnormal sensitivity of the skin) may occur. Allergies to frost, glue or resin “are some of the other possible inconveniences, which result in ” eczema around the nails (redness with itching or burning sensations) and / or on the face (especially eyelids) or by a detachment of the natural nail “, details the ANSM Finally, the infection of the natural nail most often due to a fungus (mycosis), which manifests itself in particular by its change of color (yellow or greenish) and inflammation around the nail.

Always call a professional

Admittedly, a good technique should avoid some of these complications, notes the health agency. But the simple prolonged wearing can weaken the nails.

acrylic nail pain


Thus, after 3 or 4 months, it is better to wait at least a month before resting again. To know the reason about why acrylic nails hurt, you can always choose the internet.

Finally in case of anomalies, it is recommended to have these false nails removed by a professional (beauticians and / or people with a certificate of professional qualification nail stylist), or to consult a doctor (dermatologist or doctor). To know more about why fake nails hurt, seek help online.