Resilient communities are ones that know each other and by working on community things we get to know each other extremely well. Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) have been running events at suburbs to bring communities together - it's now our turn!

Aimed at ALL of the Miramar community and will be split into two components:

  • SATURDAY 13th May (12pm-4pm) - WREMO facilitated
    "What makes a community resilient to emergencies and how can Miramar become resilient"

  • SUNDAY 14th May (10am-4pm) - Hack Miramar hack
    "Let's (start to) make some of the things people have said they want"

Event details

Tell us you're coming

And tell us in the way that works for you - Facebook, Meetup, Neighbourly or Lil Regie

Who should come along


75 spaces will be made available covering both days (it is expected a crossover from Sat to Sun happens but not 100%). These 75 spaces are available for ANYONE that has a desire to create a resilient Miramar - you may be a technical person, a builder, a community advocate or, as most everyone is, someone who just loves living in the 6022 and wants to help people in times of trouble. You may be a school pupil, a student, just started your first job, unemployed, moved on to your fifth position or have now retired from the rat race. 

This event will be accessible, open to all and run under our Code of Conduct - we want everyone to feel welcome!

This event is open to anyone, with any skills, views or desire to be prepared - that's YOU!


Anyone that wants to help bring this together - contact us.


Local organisations (BID, Community Associations), local businesses and community advocates - want to help, get in touch!

What you will get by attending

  • Meet and work alongside fellow Miramarians
  • Understanding of how resilient communities operate
  • How Miramar can be resilient
  • Put forward and make real your own ideas
  • Greater input into how the Miramar works
  • Deep and direct connections with the communities your businesses are in
  • Fun!
  • Fed and watered
  • Free WiFi

Some ideas that other communities have progressed

No harm in copying, but we're sure we can all bring a Miramar level of creative and awesome!

  • Imagine a place in Island Bay where people could make, cook and grow their own creations and learn new skills from each other!
  • Imagine developing Island Bay’s green spaces into cleaner, greener places with vibrant community gardens, orchards and places for activities, along with an active network of people using these spaces!
  • Imagine a new film festival based in Island Bay that showcases the history, talent, and culture of the Wellington South Coast Community!
  • Let’s have a community party!
  • Let’s share our skills!
    Many of us have skills, knowledge, and interests that others want to learn or join in with. Let’s run community workshops where people can share their expertise on anything that is of interest to others. IT skills, gardening, bee keeping, chickens, sculpting, writing etc. home maintenance, cooking, sewing and mending easy repairs, after school homework club, emergency preparedness, tree pruning. They could become a regular thing, a new skill each month at the community centre? Get some new skills and meet new friends at the same time!

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Background reading

A public folder containing:

  • Resilience building outline
  • WREMO Community Emergency Hub - Infographic
  • WREMO Community Emergency Hub - Hub Blurb

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