First ever international SNOMED CT Expo Hackathon

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Place Prize

$ 3 000

/ USD per team

Place Prize

$ 1 000

/ USD per team

2 Runner Up Prizes of

$ 5 00

/ USD per team

There's a lot in that title probably makes no sense eh - try this:

  • SNOMED CT:  software product that is designed to allow healthcare users to utilise semantically accurate clinical terminologies consistently across all health systems, services and products in the world.
  • IHTSDO: a not-for-profit organisation that owns, administers and develops SNOMED CT
  • SNOMED CT Expo: International expo held at Te Papa in Wellington, 27 - 28 October 2016. The NZ Ministry of Health is a key player in the IHTSDO and the expo

Registration details

  • Sign-up:
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  • Cost: NZ$15 (3 coffees! because we want to give everyone a t-shirt)
  • Venue: Te Papa, Wellington
  • Date / times:
    • Thursday 27th October, 8am: registration
    • Thursday 11pm: hackathon pauses
    • Friday 28th October, 9am: day 2 kicks off
    • Friday 2:30pm: all hackathon work completed
    • Friday 3pm: hackathon and expo close; announcement of winners

What will you get?

Alongside the normal Hack Miramar hackathon fun, excitement will we ensure you have free WiFi, food, drink, data, challenges and experts will be on-hand during the event.

You will also be eligible to win prizes, substantial cold hard cash - check out the SNApp 2016 website for details ...

What will you do?

Using SNOMED for clinical decision support is this year's hackathon theme. Participants will be challenged to design and build a rich and engaging clinical decision support app or to create the knowledge base materials for clinical decision support. The challenges include (but are not limited to):

  1. My List of Medicines App
  2. SNOMED CT Machine Mapping
  3. Clinical Decision Support Apps and Knowledge Bases

Check out the SNApp 2016 data/challenge page for more details:

remember: registrant type, choose SNApp 2016 Participant