Thanks for bearing with us while we rearranged R9 Accelerator dates following the earthquake and aftershocks.
We are excited to announce that R9 Rev Up will now take place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January 2017.
The event will take place in Wellington with the venue to be confirmed in the coming weeks.
NOTE: You will need to re-register (even if you did this for the earlier event)

We at Hack Miramar love an experiment; attempting to make a difference using the skills and experience we have gained over years. We're out on the skinny branches with this but we think, with you, we can make a difference!

The R9 Accelerator 3+ ( brings the public and private sectors together to make it easier to interact with NZ government. It nurtures teams of creative, solutions-focused people to build market-validated solutions that make it easier for business to interact with government.

To kick off the programme Hack Miramar is hosting the R9 Rev Up event and our goals are to help prepare enthusiastic, clued up and cohesive teams that will then apply for the Accelerator Programme proper. We will also bring together everyone around the opportunities and work together to define the pains to be solved, the resources required and the impact of any potential solutions.

Attendee Info


  • tbc

(Updated) TIMINGS

  • Saturday 28th January, 2017
  • Sunday 29th January 2017


There are 9 opportunities listed:

What's it all about? TEAMS!

Some of you are already building teams which is excellent, whilst the majority are attending as individuals - the opening session is all about helping you get to know everyone, gain a sense of the opportunities, learn about the R9 Accelerator program and to meet those you will be working with during the weekend.

If you'd like to reach out to others now we suggest using Twitter #R9Accelerator and/or the R9 Accelerator Facebook group.

Everybody will work in different teams over the weekend, and at the end come together for a 3 minute pitch on why they should be chosen for the programme. Remember, you will still need to formally apply, but that'll be a doddle for a cohesive and focused team - good luck.


The outcome of the event and the teams is a successful application to the full R9 Accelerator 3+ Programme.

Your team (2 or more people) is the most important part of the application and whilst you will work hard delving into the opportunities it is not expected that you produce solutions over the weekend.

Is this for me?

Do you want to make a difference to how New Zealanders interact with government?

  • Are you a public servant who wants to work in a fast, customer-centric way – awesome! Come to R9 Rev Up!
  • Are you a budding entrepreneur who wants to start your own business – amazing! Come to R9 Rev Up!
  • Are you a designer/developer looking for work experience – fantastic! Come to R9 Rev Up!
  • Are you already working on one of the opportunities – incredible! Come to R9 Rev Up!
  • Are you a startup or corporate wanting to engage with government in a new way – brilliant! Come to R9 Rev Up!

We’re looking for people that are customer-centric, work well in teams, flourish under pressure, and want to make a difference (find out more here). If this is you, [insert your favourite word for awesome here] and come to R9 Rev Up.

What's in it for me?

The R9 Accelerator 3+ uses the Lean Startup methodology as a way of rapidly testing an idea before investing in it. Rather than deciding what you want and building it, with Lean Startup you test your ideas at each step, only building as you validate that it is something your customer will want.

In return, through this event and the wider Accelerator you will:

  • Realise business opportunities
  • Gain invaluable commercial and government connections
  • Have access to government
  • Receive support (each team can receive up to $20K to contribute to their costs)
  • Innovate and create change in government
  • Learn