Bringing together open data companies, developers, domain experts and the wealth of Stats NZ data this event will both celebrate where we're at and guide Stats NZ in their current and future open data work.

Stats NZ is on a journey to open up its data, but need your help. Work with Stats NZ to open up more data and make its API service more useful and comprehensive.

Want more data - join Stats NZ on it's open data journey.

Event details [updated]

  • Cost: $0
  • Venue: Te Papa, Wellington [map]
  • Dates [UPDATED]: 5:30pm, Friday 24th - 6pm, Saturday 25th March


There will be prizes for everyone ranging from best joke, greatest problem encountered to most innovative use of open data using GIS ... stay alert!

Things the could* be approached

*could, you don't have to but these give a sense of the type of event you'll be helping create

  • stress testing the API
  • how could we improve find-ability of data?
  • how could we enable people to collaborate and share their experiences with using the API/data?
  • how can I give my feedback and make suggestions to Stats?
  • how can I learn more about how to best use the data?
  • what barriers are there to using the data and how could we overcome them?
  • does the the Stats data mashup well?
  • what's missing?

This is also an event to pull open the walls of Stats NZ, get to know the people behind the API, their open data future and to work alongside them on their own wicked problems - we're all in this together!



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We're all datarama llamas ...

We're all datarama llamas ...