5 Events: We've Been Quiet But Not Anymore

Hack Miramar started as 3 people in a pub and from that amorphous start has grown into a widely respected community of people endeavouring to change the world (starting with Miramar and working outwards). Through the use of tech, attitude ("Let's just fucking do it") and a focus on people we have brought the world of change to over 1,000 people through our events, meetups, Slacking and general jibber jabber.

All this energy takes people's investment, time and most of all focus - and that's hard to maintain when it's 3 people in a pub. Over the years this has changed, some people have moved on, some new people joined and the where and how we make the world a better place slides around the multitude of opportunities. We have no defined boundary, certainly no "no go" areas, and we believe that, starting local and being a model for others, has wide and profound affects for good. Oh, and we ALWAYS have fun!

We're not alone, there are many MANY similar organisations spread out across Miramar, Wellington and New Zealand - check many of them out at the Digital Inclusion Map.

Right, what's coming your way - events, events, events ...

Hack Miramar events

SNApp 2016 (27th & 28th Oct)

The first ever health data hackathon as part of the International SNOMED Expo which this year is being held at Te Papa. Limited tickets, more details: http://www.hackmiramar.org/snapp-2016/

Alongside the normal Hack Miramar hackathon fun, excitement will we ensure you have free WiFi, food, drink, data, challenges and experts will be on-hand during the event.

You will also be eligible to win prizes, substantial cold hard cash - check out the SNApp 2016 website for details ...

R9 Rev Up (18th, 19th, 20th Nov)

Return of the R9 Accelerator will be kicked off with a re-vamped R9 Rev Up event!

The R9 Accelerator 3+ (http://www.r9accelerator.co.nz/) brings the public and private sectors together to make it easier to interact with NZ government. It nurtures teams of creative, solutions-focused people to build market-validated solutions that make it easier for business to interact with government.


#WellyTech Christmas Do (Dec?)

We being who we are are gonna hassle for this ... starting now!

If you didn't go last year, you missed out on a fantastic fun and inclusive event with the #WellyTech community coming together via us, GeekZone and Access Granted podcast - expect more but bigger!

Other events

There are so many popping up at the moment, it's quite a busy time - we suggest the following calendars:

Here's a few biggies going on: