GovHackNZ 2015

The following companies are wonderful sponsors of the Wellington event, we are also grateful to all the national and international sponsors - see the complete list here:

The brewers and suppliers of a specially-made GovHackNZ beer! From humble beginnings brewing out of a garage on Webb St in Wellington, Webb St Brewery has now brew small batches of experimental beers as well as refined interpretations of classic styles.

One of our inaugral sponsors and a log time advocate of open source, thanks so much Silverstripe

It's a big event and we're stoked that Optimal People are with us in this journey, without which we would'nt have  "tigers" or be "slick", but now, just you wait ...

WIthout companies providing the space (and still paying them) to volunteer for such an event we wouldn't have antyhing, and it's typical of Rabid to step up and support local initiaives.

Vend have, since their inception, been long term supporters of local tech events and we're honoured to have the team support us!

With free access to the Catalyst Cloud we are grateful for the infrastructure suport provided by Catalyst for the event

From the beginning the team at OptimalBI have been supporters of GovHackNZ and have removed all hurdles to their staff being involved at all levels.

IWantMyName are more than financial supporters of the event with both expertise, resources and personell chipping in to help.

Without Propellerhead there would be no GovHackNZ and we at the Wellington event are extremely proud to have Andrew and his team along as sponsors!

NZRise support many local and national events and we're proud to have them on-board, thanks to the Board and all the members.

Without a venue we are toast, thanks so much to the team at MBIE for, at a very early stage, stepping up and offering the the whole of their new 5 Stout Street ground floor!

Past sponsors

We are eternally gratefully for all those that have stepped up and supported our endeavours - see them all here ...