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Our living guide is here for you:

Please read ... you'll have a much better time if you do, trust us. And remember, this is a BYOD event :)


The event is at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) at 15 Stout Street, Wellington [map:]


  • Friday 29th January, registration 5:30pm-6pm. eve ends 8pm
  • Saturday, doors open 8:30am, close 8pm
  • Sunday, doors open 8:30am, pitches start 4:30pm, event closes 7pm


Some of you are already building teams which is excellent, whilst the majority are attending as individuals - Friday evening is all about helping you find a team with a passion for one of the opportunities

If you'd like to reach out to others now we suggest using Twitter (#R9Accelerator) and/or the Facebook group:


The outcome of the event and your team is a successful application to the full R9 Accelerator Programme:

Your team is the most important part of the application and whilst you will work hard tackling the opportunities it is not expected that you complete the work over the weekend.

Each team will have 2 minutes to show their work and pitch why they should be chosen for the programme. Remember, you will still need to formally apply, but that'll be a doddle for a cohesive and focused team - good luck.


Please let us know ASAP if you can't attend the event as a full attendee - please let us know and we'll free up your space.

We at Hack Miramar love an experiment; attempting to make a difference using the skills and experience we have gained over the past year. We're out on the skinny branches with this but we think, with you, we can make a difference!

The R9 Accelerator ( brings the public and private sectors together to work on real problems impacting businesses. It nurtures teams of creative, solutions-focused people to build market-validated solutions that make it easier for business to interact with government.

To kick off the programme Hack Miramar is hosting the Rev Up! event at the MBIE offices (15 Stout Street, Wellington) on Fri 29th, Sat 30th and Sun 30th January. Our single goal is to have enthusiastic, clued up and cohesive teams that will then apply for the Accelerator Programme proper

Is this for me?

  • If you’re a public servant who wants to make real change – awesome! Come to the Rev Up!
  • If you’re a budding entrepreneur who wants to start your own business – amazing! Come to the Rev Up!
  • If you’re a designer/developer looking for work experience – fantastic! Come to the Rev Up!
  • If you’re already working on a business working on one of the Opportunities – incredible! Come to the Rev Up!
  • If you’re an organisation wanting to put a team in the accelerator – fantastic! Bring your team to the Rev Up!

What's in it for me?

The R9 Accelerator uses the Lean Startup methodology as a way of rapidly testing an idea before investing in it. Rather than deciding what you want and building it, with Lean Startup you test your ideas at each step, only building as you validate that it is something your customer will want.

In return, through this event and the wider Accelerator you will:

  • Realise business opportunities
  • Gain invaluable commercial and government connections
  • Have access to government
  • Receive support (each team can receive up to $18K to contribute to their costs)
  • Innovate and create change in government
  • Learn

Get aboard

To kick it all off, we are hosting a FREE "hackathon" weekend event, Rev Up!, from Friday 29 January to Sunday 31 January

This is your opportunity to meet potential team members, the sponsors and the R9 Accelerator project team, storm the problems you’re most interested in, have a whole lot of fun, and begin to form your teams. Run by Hack Miramar over one intense weekend, this will be an invaluable experience for making contacts and exploring opportunities.

The event is an important step for individuals / teams wanting to go forward to the Accelerator stage - see the timelines:


An ‘opportunity’ is the chance to investigate and solve, through the R9 Accelerator, a problem that businesses experience when dealing with government. These solutions may ultimately be commercialised or implemented by a government agency. Each opportunity features a customer story to illustrate the impact these problems have on businesses – these stories are completely fictional and do not represent real people or real businesses.

The Rev Up! weekend will utilise the opportunities to focus the team work. You will get to know the owners, the domain experts and much of the surrounding data/research that has gone into each of the opportunities

See all R9 Accelerator opportunities: