Hack Miramar supports open data, open source and open communities and we are proud to provide technical and community assistance to the Open Government Information & Data Programme team. based within LINZ. for this on-line leadership discussion series.

Beth Noveck

Beth Noveck is considered one of today's most innovative thinkers on government reform using digital technologies. Beth's vision of collaborative democracy includes utilising the power of open data to improve collaboration between government and citizens.

Richard Stirling, Open Data Institute

Richard Stirling is the International Director of the Open Data Institute, based in London, which was founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt in 2012 to connect, equip and inspire people around the world to promote innovation with open data.

Joel Gurin

Joel Gurin is a leading international expert on open data, and author of Open Data Now - a book that has helped define the emerging field of open data, Co-Founder of the Center for Open Data Enterprise in Washington DC.