"We have a dirty secret ..."

We stand upon the shoulders of all those that have gone before us, passed on their knowledge and experience in bars, cafes and meetups. Without the trials and tribulations of everyone that has has, is or will try to bring a community together to "make a difference" we are nothing. 

This knowledge is not ours to keep ...



What our approach is, why we do what we do and what you will get from this manual. Also some rules of use, a few hints of how not to use this manual and most importantly our permission to get out there and make a difference. 


Chapter 1: All the big stones

How to get started from scratch, getting something up and running using the bare minimum of steps and the only chapter you really have to read.


Chapter 2: Coming together for a reason

Whilst you know who you are, and also who you aren't, working towards a collective voice is not something you can leave to hope, chance or the goodwill of the cause - you gotta start steering this ship towards a goal.


Chapter 3: Gathering your friends

A community starts with one person but can never achieve anything alone. How to find the community fiends, how to engage them, unlock their passions and direct them to making a difference both inside and outside of the community.


Chapter 4: Know your friends (& enemies)

Not everyone is going to like you, your friends or the community as a collective You will encounter obstacles, hidden agendas and even outright nastiness. 

What to look for, how to combat the common issues and approaching people with a more collaborative approach.


Chapter 5: Doing the do

A lot of Hack Miramar's activities centres around facilitating events - we explain how we manage this amazing feet without being a professional event management company (in fact, we're much much better).


Chapter 6: "Home sweet home"

Everyone needs a home and your community is no different.

We'll cover off how to gain, maintain and grow both electronic/online homes and physical places.

one year.jpg

Chapter 7: Making it past the first year

The hard part for those that have wide reaching intentions. Once the first spark of excitement from your members dies down we will explain how we manage to survive, grow and most importantly evolve over time.

It's also crucial to know what success is - how do you know it's working?


Further Reading

We steal, we pilfer, we watch and we learn because we know we're not the be-all and end-all of communities. Here's who we look to and why.