March 7th / 8th, 2015 "Hack your City 2.0"

v1.0 of Hack your City saw several ideas coming out after only two days of work by a bunch of enthusiasts. This time we are setting our sights on the challenge of consultation between Council, Government, businesses and residents.

Community Engagement is up there with better transport, in fact, one high-level Council staffer told us it’s more important than public transport, and we tend to agree. You see, the Council is desperate to engage their residents on various consultations, and while we will see that there are some issues with how it works today, we also see that their is a huge willingness by Councils to make it work.

For challenges and ideas, please read our latest blog, it will give you an idea of what, and how, we think we can improve Community Engagement.

The Problems

  • The community feels that their input into consultation by various local and central government agencies is value less. 
  • The councils, some of them, feel that they are spending a lot of time and money on a process that is not working. 
  • Other Councils have created the problem themselves, the WCC has reduced the number of public consultation staff from around seven, to one. 
  • We have many different residents groups and community groups that simply don’t know about each other. 
  • There is poor information about what is happening in our community. 
  • The community has a, at times, fractious relationship with big business. 
  • Lobby groups are seen as unfairly skewing the consultation process. 

The Ideas

  • We could look at how we could visualise the community data that exists on a single view. 
  • We could take back the process of consultation off Council’s all together. 
  • We could “hack” Neighbourly. 
  • We could make wifi free in areas of low socio-economic types and provide education to people on how to connect. 
  • We could create charters for high-impact business and industry. 
  • Rather than running consultation sessions in a town hall style, where strong characters have a voice and those who are less confident are left with none, we could run mini-hackathons,.
  • We need to understand how we combat apathy. 


  • Dates: March 7th / 8th 2015 (9am-5pm both days)
  • Venue: Helfen Ltd, 127 Park Rd, Miramar [map]
  • Overarching theme: Community engagement

What else to do