How To Get Involved With "Survive & Thrive"

It's awesome people, businesses and community organisations are wanting to get involved in the Survive & Thrive event - here's the salient details with a simple "How you can help" section at the bottom.

When and Where

The event will be run on Sat 13th and Sun 14th May in Miramar (venue being finalised this week).

What and Who

The event is aimed at ALL of the Miramar Peninsular community and will be split into two components:

  • WREMO facilitated, "What makes a community resilient to emergencies and how can the Peninsular become resilient"
  • Hack Miramar hack, "Let's (start to) make some of the things people have said they want"

For a full description check out the event page ...


  • This is a WREMO exercise they have run in other suburbs - yay, our turn
  • It's part of NZ-wide TechWeek.
  • We need to get back to our roots - the Peninsular!
  • We've always said we would ... so we are


  • Attendees: 75 spaces will be made available covering both days (it is expected a crossover from Sat to Sun happens but not 100%)
  • Volunteers: YOU! anyone that wants to help bring this together alongside myself, Jason from WREMO, Sean from WCC
  • Partners: Local organisations (BID, Community Associations), local businesses and community advocates - spread the word ...


  1. Contact Mike to say you'll help, no matter how small / 021-169 1359
  2. Come along on Wednesday 5th April to meet over a drink and see how you can fit in.
    (everyone can do something, and every bit counts!)
  3. Pass on the event details and get people to signup