Datatrama (Stats NZ event) - An Event Right Up Our Street

It's not often we are asked to run events that almost completely gel with our underlying raison d'être but this time we are almost there (not being held on the Peninsular, that's the one thing we've missed :)

Stats NZ approached us late last year to run an event for them based around our successful "hackathon" approach but with outcomes that aren't generally associated with such events.

Firstly they want to celebrate - I know, have an event that actually celebrates the work already done. Well, as anyone who's been to our events we are always kicking them off with a 'celebration feel' (we've had bands, magicians, radio stars ...) as we need to help attendees shift out of the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, work view and into a much more creative, passionate and fun affair. 

What do Stats NZ want to celebrate - well, their open data API for a start:
But also a few other changes, moves and announcements - you'll have to come along eh!

The second draw card, above and beyond open data which we love, was their second outcome - bringing people together to help them be better. Yes, to reach out to the community of data users, data experts, data wranglers and anyone that will touch no matter how lightly, their open data services and work together to opening up more data, make the future API services even more comprehensive.

And challenge them - this we LOVE!

Bringing people together around technology, that's so us!

So yes, there will be domain experts, API gurus, data galore and a tonne of ideas to work on (you'll be bringing your own as well, won't you) it's a massive chance to celebrate a new Stats NZ and to hlep define the future of open data alongside them.


  • Cost: $0
  • Venue: tbc
  • Dates: 5:30pm, Friday 24th - 5pm, Sunday 26th March

More info on our event page ...

(photo from our 2015 Civic Engagement event with t-shirt supplied by Thundermaps)