Back to our roots in 2017


Well, it's been a fascinating year for the HM community and especially those involved in the MBIE R9 Rev Up event that was meant to happen in Nov but didn't due to a big shake (it's now Jan 29th/30th:

We ran GovHackNZ Wellington, Open Data Leadership events and even the inaugural SNApp health hackathon ... onwards and upwards.

Data For Good evenings

There are running about bringing back "Data For Good" evenings - if you're keen to help make that happen let me know and I'll connect everyone up.

TechWeek 2017: "Survive and Thrive Hackathon"

With #TechWeek coming in May we're going to run a "Survive and Thrive" hackathon somewhere on the Peninsular. I've started the conversation with WREMO and will do same with WCC.

The hackathon is also gonna be a part of a series of hackathon happening around Wellington - AR/VR, SoT and others - exciting.

So, we need a Peninsular venue for up to 50 peeps - where????

Keep in touch

See you in 2017

If all the gods align we will also have 1 or 2 events in the first quarter to let people dive into the open data that YOU have all been making happen. Thanks again for all the amazing contributions in oh so many ways, have a great Christmas / New Year and see you all in 2017!

We leave you with a few photos from our co-hosted