Sponsors, Our Partners In Change

Whilst there are 5 attributes required for a hackathon for the best event that gives the attendees the best chance to make a difference we need partners to stand next to us with their resources, be that people to help organise, technical infrastructure or hard cold cash.

Here at Hack Miramar we have been honoured to have many local organisations be with us at our various events, check them out at our sponsors page.

For the upcoming GovHackNZ event (eve 3rd, 4th and 5th July at MBIE, 5 Stout Street - sign up fast as tickets are going*) we have been doubly blessed. Firstly we are a part of not just a national but an international series of events that have been working hard on sponsorship at that level, yay those that have stepped up to assist. And secondly, wow, our local sponsors are giving us people, time, $$$, resources, advice and even access to Ministers - how awesome are people.

And so, we thank the following sponsors - there is still room, get in touch with wither Brenda Wallace or Mike Riversdale.

Wellington Sponsors


* seriously, I"ve just checked the ticket allocation and it's close to 75% at time of publication.