Coding in the Classroom is Back

'Coding in the Classroom' is happening again June 6th!

Following the success of our Term One event Jess and team are running another professional session on Saturday June 6th.  The course is open to primary and intermediate teachers from across Wellington City and has been made possible through a partnership between Hack Miramar, Enterprise Miramar Peninsula and Scots College

This is the perfect opportunity to get the skills and the confidence to introduce basic computer coding into your classroom. And through the generous support of the Wellington City Council and local business we are able to provide this session free of charge to interested educators in Wellington City.

The Session Will Provide

  • Ways to incorporate coding into pre-existing lessons
  • Step-by step guidance on teaching your first lesson using the Scratch programming language
  • Experience coding your own video game and creating a game controller under the guidance of a skilled mentor
  • Ways coding can boost student confidence and prepare them for the future
  • Access to lesson plans, handouts, and tutorials that can be adapted for any classroom

This session is for all interested educators in Wellington.  Coding in the classroom isn’t just for IT teachers or the technologically advanced educator.  The basic video game programming skills you will learn is a great way to engage students as they learn core concepts such as variables and operators or as they develop necessary storytelling skills.

The visual and hands-on nature of coding speaks directly to the mind of a non-traditional learner and can provide a huge confidence boost to students as they discover that they not only understand these concepts, but that they can teach others.

Details Session

  • Saturday, 6 June
  • 9am – 1pm
  • Scots College, 1 Monorgan Rd, Strathmore Park

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