Kay Jones, A Hero Of Wellington's Tech Community

Today, we at Hack Miramar, take time out of the organising, the logistics, the connecting and even the tiger wrangling to introduce you all to a hero of many past and future Hack Miramar event's (including leading Wellington's 2016 GovHackNZ) - Kay Jones.

Kay has often taken lead on the "registration" process which may, on the face of it, seem like a simple process of chucking up a form, waiting for the people to enter their details and voila. Hah, if only life were that easy eh Kay. With Kay's unstoppable energy, her eye to detail and display of the true "Hack Miramar spirit" (just do it) she has created a top notch process for our attendees that will have them turning up (at the right time and place) armed with the information required.

Not only that Kay is a wonder at reaching out to communities outside of tech and engaging with their constituents and bringing them into our, let's be honest, geek fests. With her ability to discuss how such events can be of service to a wider community she drives Hack Miramar to think beyond it's sometimes limited tech focus - for this we are eternally grateful.

And finally, Kay is a treasure to the wider Hack Miramar community with her focus on 'diversity' ensuring that, step by step, our events cater to all facets of the community. This taonga Kay brought to us at our very first event way back in November 2014.

Kay, of course, has a full life just like all the crew but somehow she finds time to help out at other events - Kay is often the first person I see as I walk into all manner of meetups and events (and we pick her brains about what they did awesomely to help us be better :) - a whirlwind of connections and insight!

A massive thank you to Kay from all of the Hack Miramar community, we are honoured to work alongside you.

If you'd like to help Kay out, be a part of the wider crew or simply see how an event comes together then please join us at any of our event organising meetups - simply drop us a line and say hi.

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