Version 2.0: Community Engagement Kicks Off

Ideas mash

Ideas mash

Saturday morning. A large group of wide and varied participants have come together on a typical four-seasons-in-a-day Wellington weather fiesta. The challenge is to hack Community Engagement, and the Community has rallied including local companies that have provided all the necessaries for the day.

The early morning ideas are interesting. A mix of what you would expect and a few surprises. The teams are in the process of voting on which ones to pursue and which ones to save for another day.

  • Supporting neighbours day
  • Introducing voting systems that are accessible to the community
  • Introducing disruptive technologies
  • Standardising the submission process to allow for electronic application development
  • Producing a digital platform that is owned and managed by the community
  • Better communication from large civic projects
  • How graphics can be used to disseminate large amounts of information quickly
  • Redefining the principles of engagement
  • Open data
  • Open source policy development
  • Community cloud
  • Providing safe environments for the community to express opinion
  • Bridging digital divides
  • Creating public data dashboards
  • Increasing government transparency including performance dashboards of business units inside of agencies and local government

That’s just a slice of the ideas that the teams are now boiling down into specific things they will build and propose over the next day.

A massive part of this day comes from the Community itself and the business owners out there:

The hard work stars after lunch with teams having to produce something in time for the Dragon’s Den late tomorrow afternoon that sees the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, and other local influencers listening to their pitches.