Teach the Teachers: Kids Coding PD Day @ Scots

One of the top objectives of Hack Miramar is helping create opportunities for kids to get involved with computer technology. The way we see it, too few children get the chance to explore computers, programming and electronics. We are raising a nation of 'consumers' of technology who know very little about how things work. If we want our kids to really thrive in the future that is already arriving we need to help them become 'makers' too.

We're doing a few things to help get things moving.

First of all we ran the Hour of Code session in December in partnership with the Wellington Makerspace Trust and Scots College. For 2015 we have setup a new after school programme (starting in Term 2) and we are running training sessions to give local teachers the confidence and skills to bring coding into the classroom. 

The first of those sessions happened last weekend. Six staff from across Wellington got the chance to learn about the Scratch programming environment and how to engage kids with tools such as Makey Makey (marshmallow computer controls anyone?). 

The session was developed and delivered by Jess Weichler form the Wellington Makerspace Trust and once again was hosted by Scots College. The Mayor and Wellington City Council provided the funding to enable the session and the teachers generously gave up part of their weekend to take part in the session.

And the results have been immediate. Nicola, from Worser Bay School took what she had learned and got the kids programming on Monday. Check out the video below for some inspiration, and you can read about the classes accomplishments here. Way to go Worser Bay School!

We're planning to run another similar session in Term 2. If you would like to be involved in that please get in touch via humans@hackmiramar.org.