Kid's Coding: Web Builders

(cross post from Scot's College)

Don't just use the web, make it your own. Learn to design your own webpages from scratch using the HTML5 & CSS programming languages. Students will learn how to design and code their own webpages and publish them to the internet as they create an original site that is uniquely theirs.

Together we will explore font-styling, colour theory, and the importance of syntax, along with best practices for publishing content online.

Please note, webpages will be hosted online for one month after the completion of the class.

If you bring along your own laptop you  will need to have a text editor installed on your computer, which most computers already have.   However, we  recommend that you use gEdit to make everything uniform.

Session 1: Your First Webpage

  • Basic HTML & CSS
  • Introduction to text editors and proper syntax
  • Guidelines for being a good netizen and protecting your personal information online

Session 2: Everything in It's Place

  • Learn how to place objects using CSS

Session 3: Make it Flash

  • Font-styling – Colour theory and hex codes
  • Embedding videos

Session 4: Images

  • Image creation
  • Place images in website
  • Discussion of copyright vs open source images

Session 5: Make it Yours

  • Begin designing an original 3 page site that best represents you

Session 6: Coding

  • Continue coding original site

Session 7: Getting the Bugs Out

  • Continue coding original site
  • Bug test with classmates

Session 8: Polish

  • Experience uploading content using FTP
  • Discussion on purchasing of domain names


  • Timing: 29th April - 17th June (8 weeks). Wednesdays, 5.30pm-7.00pm (1.5 hours per week)
  • Location: Creative and Performing Arts Centre (CPAC), Graphics rooms
  • Teacher: Jess Weichler
  • Target market: Teens aged 13-16 years.
  • Price / student: (incl GST) $150 for Term 2 (8 weeks)
    Scholarships available for students wanting to attend but who require financial assistance. Evidence of a Community Services Card required. Register eligibility on the enrolment form.