Data For Good, October's Event Now Live

Glen McDonald from St Vincent's Art Workshop 

St Vincent's is a community based initiative providing access to arts and craft facilities, skilled tuition, and materials within a supportive environment. It serves people with disabilities, those moving into the community from institutions, the unemployed, people on low incomes and anyone at all from the wider community. 

A portion of their funding comes from grants and they are looking for help with:

  • Tracking the grant application process – life cycle of grant; applying, getting, using


  • Tracking grant expenditure to allow for end of year reporting to funding providers. 

Donna Wilson from Wellington City Council  - Strathmore 44 project

Strathmore 44 is a 3-year suburb-rejuvenation project Wellington City Council have undertaken with an intended outcome of community-led transformation, connection and ownership. They would like help in 

  • Mapping the baseline information (from past through to current and future projects),


  • Suggestion on ways they can use the data to inform planning and future solutions as well as  providing a reporting platform which can tell the story and suggest expert advice around possible outcomes.