Hour of Code Wellington

It has never been more important to introduce young people to software. Software based disruption is shaking up whole industries such as Uber in Transportation, Amazon and TradeMe in Commerce, Xero in Accounting and Google in almost every aspect of information-based industries. Some are saying now that soon every company will be a software company and one prominent US Venture Capitalist and inventor (Marc Andreesen) declared in 2011 that "software is eating the world".

But despite the pivotal role software will play in all of our futures typically children don't get introduced do programming until high school at the earliest and most don't ever get the chance to see what they can do with computers. 

So with all the change, and all the opportunity, that software is driving in a few smart people (not us) got together and decided that getting as many students as possible to spend an hour (just 60 minutes!) understanding a little more about software might be a good thing. 

So with that in mind on December 13th Hack Miramar and the Wellington Makerspace Trust are teaming up to present a series of "Hour of Code" sessions at Scots College in Strathmore Park. These free workshops are being run as part of a wider global initiative that has already reached tens of millions of students in 180+ countries.  

You can register your interest via this Facebook event and we will let you know details as they develop. 

A big thanks to Scots College and their headmaster Graeme Yule for helping make this happen by providing some world class facilities in which we will host the event. 

If you would like to get involved to assist please get in touch at humans@hackmiramar.org.